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The Other Firm solves complex challenges by developing purpose-built online applications using best-of-breed open source tools and collaborative methodologies.

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Screenshot of ESP being used

Mentor Learning Center | ESP

Software Improves Global Training Division

Mentor Graphics—a leader in electronic design automation—identified a need for a custom Training Management System that would simplify the operational demands of delivering training services to their customers. Our solution replaced an existing third-party product and has brought efficiency to Mentor’s processes through tight systems integration, workflow automation and improved business insight tools.

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JournalMap | U.S. Dept. of Agriculture

Location Search Tools Streamline Scientific Discovery

JournalMap is moving published scientific research into the modern realm by adding the dimension of spatial context to search—allowing researchers to identify relevant knowledge with purpose-built geographic and thematic search tools. Now home to more than 20,000 scholarly articles with a major new feature release in the works, JournalMap is setting the bar for geosemantic search.

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Screenshot of Noba being used


The College Textbook, Vastly Improved

Printed textbooks are a significant financial burden on students and limit instructors’ ability to customize educational content in effectively conveying their own unique curricula. Noba features curated chapter content from subject matter experts, easy-to-use instructor tools for textbook creation and delivery to the student’s device of choice via responsive design. We’re proud to see so many colleges and universities around the world adopt Noba’s visionary platform.

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Screenshot of the Resilience Exchange being used

The Resilience Exchange

Social Impact Solution Sharing Platform

In every corner of the world, people are developing solutions to myriad social and environmental challenges. The Resilience Exchange distills social impact solutions down to their core components and gives individuals, organizations and companies the ability to share, re-use and adapt proven approaches in solving their own unique challenges. This platform encourages innovation through reuse, not just invention.

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